Monday, March 21, 2005

Still Monday

Many people find their weblogs to be cathartic--they feel better about life after ranting online. I do not feel the freedom to let myself go, to truly express a lot of my emotions and thoughts in a forum where anyone can access them. But I think that it is part of my personality to be aloof at times, and so it is not at all bad that I wouldn't share deep things in public, because I am being consistent with the way that God has made me. I often wonder at the dirty laundry people cheerfully air in cyberspace.

Do I have a pet peeve for this Monday? Stupid people, I guess. There were these little kids that crossed the street in front of me today, when their crosswalk hand was RED, and my traffic light was GREEN. I didn't run over them, since that would have been bad, but their careless nonchalance, as they sauntered through the crosswalk in front of my car, enraged me: They were endangering their own lives, as well as the lives of those in the cars around them. These children were maybe eight or ten years old. Where were their parents or caretakers? Why didn't said parents or caretakers teach them to be safe, and to be respectful and careful of the well-being of people around them? When will these children take one risk too many, and end up in Darwinian statisticsville?
Folks, listen to me. If you have children, or even intend to have them, commit to being watchful and diligent, and to instructing them in ways by which they may be attentive to their own welfare, as well as that of others. Children are a gift, and are far too precious to be destroyed by negligence. Discipline them with love, and they will grow up to appreciate your care. Be lenient with them, and they may die before they grow up to appreciate anything.

In other news, cast your vote for Deb's future career:
Bio scientist?
Classicist and archaeologist?
Fashion designer?

Thanks, because you never know what might happen.


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